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Activity Any Entrepreneur Can Do To Boost Their Confidence

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Rebecca's talk with Forbes

Mantras For The Entrepreneur

I was having a discussion with some founders, and we were talking about the mantras we tell ourselves when the going gets tough. Two of mine are, "No one can steal my peace without my permission," and, "Help or get out of the way." These two have kept me calm and moving at a successful speed over the years. For instance, when someone is rude or dismissive of me in business, because of the former mantra, I simply let their behavior and opinions be, and move along. I don't take it personally. The latter, "Help or get out of the way," is helpful because I like to listen, but ultimately, the work just needs to get done. I know where I am going and whose advice I need. Everybody else can either help or get out of the way! What do you need to hear today to give you a better tomorrow? - Rebecca Devaney

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