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FROM THE FOUNDERS: Teaching What We know

We have been business partners for many years, but more importantly, dear friends. And we became friends after we began working together because we were at the lowest points in our lives. Nothing was working for either of us. Professionally. Personally. Psychologically. Basically anything that begins with a P.

And so we began. Tough conversations. Therapy. New habits. Everyday there was something tiny we worked on, in addition to consulting, that began to build habits, which began to build the lives we wanted. This self-work has been the most important work of our lives. It wasn't easy. Change is brutal. And it isn't easy today. But it's better than the alternative!

What we didn't know five years ago was that the self-work we were doing - on empathy, belonging, self and other awareness, communication -  would result in the founding principles of Culture Theory.

We now have the best jobs in the world. By giving a framework for habit-building and coaching clients along the way, we get witness extraordinary growth. And that growth extends beyond just the individual. If the individual learns to have Challenging Conversations, that success ripples out to connecting and teaching teammates, and to one's home.

Culture Theory is more than just teaching people habits to become better workers. It's most of all, a movement to help people learn to express the greatness within them.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and we are quite friendly, so feel free to schedule a chat!


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    The first filter we pass our decisions through, is will we leave the workplace better for our presence? We want people to feel valued and cared for, and organizations, functional and fulfilled. While we can measure the analytics of culture, we can’t manufacture our dedication to make the future better for all.

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    Curiosity helps us stay alert to new ideas, opportunities and ways to care. Every client’s challenge is unique and deserves the inquiry of a good solution. We want to come up with solutions to transform your workplace. Our curiosity leads us to better inquiry, execution and iteration, and also makes work more successful and fun!

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    At Culture Theory, we are more than a sum of parts. Whether it is offering suggestions, actively listening, or solving complex problems together, we have developed an environment of psychological safety. We strive to freely express challenges, offer dynamic solutions, and to feel part of something bigger.

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    Measure Everything


    We can’t stress how important data, and iterating on analytics, is to us. By combining qualitative and quantitative feedback, we hope not only provide you markers of success over time, but also give you powerful information to make more educated decisions.  We simply can't claim to improve it if it isn't measured.

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    Do What You SAY YOu'll Do


    Self-responsibility is a key aspect to our culture. If we say we are going to do it, we do it. At Culture Theory, people own their work through each step of our process. We expect a lot from ourselves and each other, because the culture work we offer is paramount to creating better workplaces in the future.

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    One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen in our own careers and at friend companies is a lack of iteration. Once people reach a goal, it’s as if the process is over. We see iteration as the most important step, bringing the learning curve full circle. We harness, measure, and use past data in future projects.

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    And finally, we lead with love. Love of the mission, love of the work, of the people, and our clients. It is with love we created Culture Theory, and it is with love that we execute our projects. We hope our legacy is to help as many workplaces as possible function seamlessly, and for employees to have more fulfilling lives.

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