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Do. Become. Expand.

Our Coach-guided courses help you form new habits, one day at a time.

This 360° Assessment is the first step towards understanding our focus area of organizational health - the foundation of culture.

Culture COURSE Benefits:

Increased Profitability | More Effective Leadership | Improved Morale, Motivation, and Engagement | Better Client Service | Controlled Retention | More Efficiency and Productivity | Better Employee Development | Faster Innovation


Retention Issues | Downsizing | High Growth | New Leadership | Re-Organization | Poor Financial Performance

90-DAY culture COURSE

Coaches lead you through data-driven Curriculum, Surveys, and Reporting to build healthy organizational cultures.

Within 90 days, our weekly courses will transform how you communicate, connect, and collaborate at work. Your organization's cultural health will also improve, which, according to one Harvard Study, can result in up to 756% higher revenue compared to competitors. 

FOr leaders, teams, and organizations


Learn. Practice. Grow.

Doing the Culture Theory Course work is easy. Each week you will get action items to do and the knowledge to do them. Then, a weekly coaching call brings guidance, clarity, and encouragement!


Develop. Empower. Transform.

With our program you quickly see a difference in how you more mindfully behave, and how others positively respond to your new interactions! Our coaches are trained to bring longevity to the behaviors.


Connect. Influence. Inspire.

Behaviors, over time, become life-changing habits. Better relationships, clearer decisions, and connection to your others and your organization. Finally, our coaches provide powerful iteration plans.



We're doing it differently.

Investing in your cultural health is one of the single best decisions you can make. It affects everything from happiness to the bottom line. As Jim Sinegal, founder of Costco, famously said, "Culture is not a thing. It's the only thing."


Many companies in the cultural/organizational health space are either in-house consultants, or software trying to automate these consultants. The former are missing infrastructure and a system, and the latter, the irreplaceable human connection.

At Culture Theory, we offer the best of both worlds. Using coaching, we guide you through these monumental changes, and then leverage data and analytics to measure you and your company's improvements.



While coaches guide the way, our data model, build by behavioral and data scientists, are valuable in two ways. The first is to analyze which areas we should focus on. We measure 10,000 data points that indicate strengths and challenges, as well as larger organizational patterns.

The second is to gather data throughout the course. For benchmarking, measuring progress, isolating areas of strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, to gather information to report on improvement.


The bottom line. Our coaches infuse your organization with the calm of a ship well-run. The course helps build actions into habits into behaviors, creating lasting change. Then you can simply enjoy  better revenue, retention, productivity, and communication.

At the end of a Culture Course, no one has to guess at the results of our work, or the next steps. We measure throughout the engagement using Surveys and Reporting, and finally include iteration plans to make sure the cultural changes we create together grow and last.


Our team is comprised of executives, managers, coaches, and data and behavioral health scientists, all with decades of experience. The bond we share is having seen our favorite workplace cultures succumb to toxicity, as well as poor cultures intentionally transform and become great. In short: we have witnessed culture make or break our past organizations.

We commit to helping you achieve the safety, security, and excitement of working for an organization that in turn, works for you. By focusing on the health of your organization, achieving a thriving culture is not only possible, but likely. We can’t do all the work, but promise to show you the way.


Ed K.

Painless Patenting

Culture Theory listens, calms me down, points out the positives, minimizes the negatives and subtly nudges me down pathways that I might not go on my own. Revenue is up and stress is down!

Alex F.

Fresh Tilled Soil

Culture Theory has an unique approach on how to measure cultural indicators that lead to happier, healthier, and more productive organizations. It just works.

Tara D.

Harvard University

Teaching leadership with compassion is one of Culture Theory's greatest strengths. They help people navigate complex situations, yet they stay focused on what is necessary for the business.

Afton C.

Birdsong Branding

Culture Theory helped me to better decipher people's  communication styles. I now address matters pragmatically and learned how to get comfortable with advocating for myself.



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