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Helping you lead with emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Most workplace problems are rooted in issues of emotional intelligence. With emotional intelligence (Ei) training and resources, we help professionals achieve increased awareness, greater connection, and the power to understanding and harness motivation.


Our clients remain consistently happier and more successful after learning these skills and applying this methodology.

Ei training

Build powerful Ei skills for lasting professional success.

We strategize and build a tactical plan for infusing your organization with Ei habits, maximizing productivity, profitability and impact. Retainers start at three months. Our most popular current offering.

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Consulting for Organizations

1:1 sessions, carefully organized and designed to build tailored habits to meet your challenges and needs. Packages begin at four sessions, meeting weekly.

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Coaching for Individuals

We have an extensive speaking portfolio from engagements around the world. Our talks are interactive, engaging, and chock full of helpful emotional intelligence and business information.

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Speaking & Workshops

Jam-packed with eight weeks of Ei knowledge, skills, and habit building activities to make you more successful. Included is 1:1 coaching to maximize the course's impact.

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Courses for Managers

"I have achieved a more solid vision of who I am and what my business needs to be than I have in my entire career."

- Heather A.

What to Expect

True Support

Your success is our success. Every day we discuss how skilled and full of promise our clients are, because that's the only way we work or the work, works. Everyone deserves someone to believe in them 100%!

Measurable Change

Through our methodology, we help you to create powerful, emotionally intelligent habits. These habits can be measured, tracked, built upon, and combined. If followed, they can change your life as they do ours.

Proven Expertise

Culture Theory's founding team has a combined 30 years of management, leadership, & consulting experience, and have co-founded 5 companies, exiting 2. If you have a problem, we've probably faced it, or may have helped solve it!

Start your Ei journey today. Book a free call.

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