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Emotional intelligence training for the workplace.

As human beings, we all have emotions. Emotional Intelligence (Ei) Training empowers us to understand our emotions, regulate them, and harness them, allowing us to be more effective in every area of our lives. At work this means managing and reducing stress, communicating better, improving performance, and rallying our teams for exceptional results. As if that weren't appealing enough, individuals with high Ei make on average $29K more per year than those with low or average Ei, and businesses that focus on implementing Ei Training are 22x more likely to be high performing.


70% of Fortune 500 companies are investing in Ei Training. Will you be next?

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With Ei Training, you can build skills to...

Expand your awareness.

It all starts with the power within you.

You will become more in tune to your own feelings, preferences, and behaviors, as well as those of the people you manage or report to. This expanse of self will allow you to make more informed, successful decisions.

Communicate more effectively.

Limit confusion and create understanding.

Ei training helps you communicate with more accuracy, respect, and care. You may be able to diffuse conflict, influence others, and solve problems more effectively than before. But most of all, you will 'know your mind.'

Maximize teamwork.

Foster invested teams you can depend on.

By creating an open and honest forum for exchange, Ei training for teams can improve productivity, efficiency, and happiness at work. As a leader, you’ll notice more nuanced interactions, providing additional opportunities for success.

Create better relationships.

Turn your critics into champions.

The quality of our relationships impacts everything we do, whether we like it or not. By using Ei tools you can learn to take things less personally, and instead focus on the cause of other people’s feelings and learn more about their values.


Transform your culture.

The company of your dreams is within reach.

High Ei cultures have the same features - good communication, sound leadership, psychological safety, and the sense that everyone matters. As culture is the #1 indicator of retention, investing in Ei training has enormous benefits.

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