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Ei consulting services.

For Teams and Organizations

One of our favorite client engagements is consulting with executives to help them transform their organizations through Ei. We strategize and build tactical plans for infusing organizations with Ei habits, maximizing productivity, profitability, and impact. A typical 3-12 month engagement looks something like this:

 1. Intake to understand your organization's unique strengths, challenges, and goals.

2. Identify Ei solutions and habit tactics to address your challenges.

3. Train you and your leadership team in your new Ei habits.

4. Help you and your leaders develop your organizational Ei Strategy and Plan. 

5. Provide scheduled support for you and your team as you roll out your plan.

6. Iterate!

Coming Soon: Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leaders

An 8 week course toward a better professional life

This program is for professionals to harness the power of emotional intelligence to improve their career, as well as their general wellbeing. Over eight weeks, we will explore the tenets of emotional intelligence, and draw direct connection to their benefit in the workplace using Workbook activities, coaching, and assessments to gauge your success.

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