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Ei coaching for executives & managers.

Emotional intelligence: The greatest leadership advantage you’ve never been taught.

If you’re a manager or leader, around 70% percent of your success is due to your emotional intelligence (Ei). It’s why you were hired, followed, promoted, but were you ever given training in Ei? Welcome to the moment you begin using Ei in a more conscious, focused, and practical way. We can’t promise you a new job or relationship, but we can promise you will enhance your skills to intentionally drive your life and decisions like never before. While great leadership takes inspiration, persistence, and consistency over time, emotional intelligence training may be the most important step.


It starts with you.

If you’re reading this, and if you’re a manager, chances are you’re already practicing emotional intelligence every day. With coaching we promise you will become more aware of the skills you have and strengthen them.

With Ei training, you will:

  • Learn what fundamentally helps you perform more effectively, be understood, be heard, and be more successful.

  • Understand why you, your teams, and your bosses work the way you all do, and how you can speak to what motivates yourself and others.

  • Learn the tools to help you identify triggers and patterns in your workplace and working relationships, and the skills to help address them effectively. 

  • Finally, positively influence others around you, to reduce conflict, increase productivity, elevate engagement, and provide better customer service at your organization. 

Coming Soon: Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leaders

An 8 week course toward a better professional life

This program is for professionals to harness the power of emotional intelligence to improve their career, as well as their general wellbeing. Over eight weeks, we will explore the tenets of emotional intelligence, and draw direct connection to their benefit in the workplace using workbook activities, habit coaching, and assessments to gauge your success. 

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